Bel Air Athletic Club Field Trip

All field trips have been cancelled until further notice!



Who:        Miss Kayla's Class

                 Miss Maura's Class

                 Miss Rosie's Class

                 Miss Bekah's Class

                 **All students in the above classes are welcome to attend, regardless of scheduled day.  But if it is not your child's scheduled day, you will need to accompany them on the trip.

What:       This will be a high energy morning of moving and grooving!  Students will spend a half hour in the Bel Air Athletic Club Kid Sports Arena gym playing organized games.  There are lots of opportunities to work on balance, strength and coordination while learning all about teamwork.  Then, for our second half hour, we move on to free play time in the famed two story tree house.  This amazing structure offers little ones endless opportunities to climb, slide, wiggle, leap and jump their way through a variety of physical challenges.  We just can't wait!  

When:      Tuesday, March 31st

Where:     Bel Air Athletic Club

Time:        9:30 - 11:15

Travel:      By bus










               "Character Counts:  Lessons From World Cultures"

                    A Multi-cultural Assembly with an anti-bullying theme



When:   Tuesday, March 24th

Who:  Miss Diane's Class

           Miss Bobbi's and Miss Nina's Class

Where:  Bel Air United Methodist Church

Travel:  Bus


**All students in these two classes are

      invited, regardless of days they are scheduled

      to attend.  But if it is not your student's

      scheduled day, we ask that you accompany




March 13, 2020

1:00 pm


Dear Parents,

      Yesterday, Governor Hogan held a press conference regarding the sweeping changes being made across Maryland in an effort to quell the advancement of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.  The change most impactful to Fallston Child Care Center is the closing of all public schools in Maryland for two weeks from March 16 – 27.

      Last night and this morning, I was in constant communication with Dr. Karin Walker (our pastor), Marina Lattanzi (our Daycare Board chairperson), Christine Johnson, (our licensing specialist at the Office of Child Care), and numerous other local school directors.  Additionally, I closely followed the websites and updates for Harford County Public Schools, Baltimore County Public Schools, and the CDC.

      As the information was coming together to make the safest possible plan for the school moving forward, we got notification from Bishop Easterling that directed all Methodist churches in Maryland to not gather in the church buildings for the next two weeks.  Therefore, we have been directed to close for all students for the duration of those two weeks. 

      AT PICK UP TIME ON FRIDAY, MARCH 13TH, PLEASE REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM YOUR CHILD’S CUBBY AND BEDDING CUBBY.  PLEASE LAUNDER EVERYTHING!  Full sets of fresh, labeled clothes should be brought back in a large, Ziploc baggy, when your family returns to Fallston Child Care Center.

      There will be no tuition due for the period of March 16-27 as there will be no childcare offered.

       During the two-week closure, some staff will still be working to complete a full, deep sanitation of the facility.  I will still be in the office and monitoring email, so you will be able to be in communication.

       It is our sincere hope to reopen on Monday, March 30.  I will be keeping you updated via facebook, the mass emails, and our website, which is  If you still haven’t signed up to receive the mass emails, please be reminded that you can easily do so by going to the bottom right hand side of the home page of our website.  You can also unsubscribe easily whenever you wish.  You will be notified by Thursday, March 26th, at the latest, of childcare availability the following week. 

 The following immediate steps are being taken as we manage this health crisis:    

  1. We will be paying a tremendous amount of attention to detail as we sanitize each and every school workspace in accordance with the recommendations provided by the CDC.
  2. We will be reassessing budget items. (For example, we had just completed a $7,000 order of new computers throughout the school for the students and the teachers. As soon as we got word that closing our doors temporarily might be a possibility, we cancelled the order.  We will continue to tighten our purse strings in numerous areas.)
  3. We will cancel all scheduled field trips for the time being as to limit exposure of our little ones in a public setting.
  4. We will be submitting our plan and then providing necessary updates to the Office of Child Care at the Maryland State Department of Education.
  5. We ask that you contact us if your child or anyone in your family is diagnosed with COVID-19. Additionally, we require that you follow your doctor’s recommendations for quarantine and recovery before reintroducing your child into childcare when we do reopen.  (Hopefully, there will be no positive cases!)

      Finally, I want to thank you for your understanding and patience.  I have been in this business for 30 years and have never seen anything like this before.  We are truly building this plane in flight.  But I also know that we have the best staff in the county and they will see your family through it.  I know that we have the full support of a pastor and church family who will do everything in their power to ease the burden of this transition time.  And I know that I am committed to working until we are back up and running our program with the least amount of logistical and financial interruption possible under the circumstances. 

     If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I look forward to the day we are all back together remembering the very different “March Madness” of 2020!  Stay healthy!


Valeree K. Imperiale






Registration 2020

Updated 3/4/20


Hello, All!  Registration 2020 is nearly completed and moving along at a great pace.  We thank you all for your kind patience as we work through this process.  As of today, we have finished all of our in-house registration.  That means that all of our families who are currently attending and turned in forms by the deadline, have chosen what they wanted for the upcoming summer and fall sessions.  We are pleased to confirm that every single one of them got exactly what they requested.  We work hard to make sure we accommodate our families! 


We are now actively contacting families from the waiting list to fill in those remaining spots. There are a select few remaining. Contact will be made via email, so please watch carefully.   


Updates will be made on our Facebook page and on our website. 




March Tuition Due Dates


Monday, March 2nd

Monday, March 16th

Payment forgiven.  Center closed due to Coronavirus.

Monday, March 30th 

Inclement Weather and School Closings



Governor Hogan has declared a state of emergency in Maryland in response to COVID-19.


Harford County Public Schools are CLOSED through through Friday, April 24th.


Fallston Child Care Center is CLOSED until at least Friday, April 17th.  Our Board of Directors will review the safety of opening as the date nears and will advise.  Notice will be posted here, on face book and will be mass emailed to our subscribers.


Fallston Child Care Center is an official Maryland State Essential Personnel Child Care (EPCC).  During the state of emergency, child care is only available to essential personnel and only through specifically dedicated centers.  Letters from parents' employers will be required along with registration as proof of essential status.  The state of Maryland will be covering the cost of this care temporarily.  For more information, please go to or call 877-261-0060. 



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