Dear Maryland Education Community,

The last two weeks have laid bare the reality that there is an urgent need for change in our nation. The pain, grief, and anger felt in our communities in Maryland and across the country are undeniable. As an educator, I know that our children are looking to see how adults react and respond to that reality. We must begin by being accountable as leaders of our youngest and often most vulnerable members. Therefore, I want to add my voice to the realization that we have a moral imperative as educators to condemn racism and policies that perpetuate it.

We have seen the incredible promise and leadership from our students and young people throughout Maryland in recent days, leading large and peaceful protests in different regions of the State. It makes me very proud as State Superintendent to see Maryland’s next generation of leaders guide our communities through such difficult and necessary conversations with dignity, grace, and wisdom.

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The time is always right to do what is right.”  That time is now! We have a call to action to work together to tackle the inequities and systemic racial barriers that persist for our Black students and other students of color.  We must, as educators, answer those calls.


Karen B. Salmon, Ph.D.
State Superintendent of Schools



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